Kick back and relax, let us do all the work!


Our Patio

Open year around

Leave it as is or come in early and decorate, the space is perfect!  In the summer time the walls come up and the roof opens to enjoy the sun. In the winter the walls frost up and the lighting goes down to create a cozy, festive feeling.  Don't be worried, there is plenty of heat to keep you warm!

The patio can hold up to 50 people for sit down dinners or up to 100 if your guests will be mingling.


Plated dinners to casual mingling events

we can do it all

 Buffets, BBQs, Appetizers, or 5-Course meals, what ever your party needs. Just want to order of the menu or create your own for the event? Let us know what you want and we will take care of the rest. 

Pitchers of beer, bottles of wine or a full bar 

and so much more

Want a firkin or your own keg of beer?  How about a mini bar, mimosa bar or margarita bar? We can even set up the bloody mary bar just for you!  Need a particular bottle of wine?  Let us know, we can make it happen!