Our Menus

Delectable Dishes

Chef Chad creates a seasonal menu to provide the best meals at a time that all the ingredients are at their peak.  From daily specials featuring his best work, to our menu showcasing all our favorites there is never a time you wont tickle you taste buds at The Tavern.  We strive to provide local produce whenever possible, from the Colorado Burger made from Colorado elk, beef, sausage, and buffalo to locally grown produce, taste the best of Weld County 

Check out our current food menu below!

Captivating Cocktails

Toni works through the seasons too, ensuring your beverages reflect the best Colorado has to offer.  From seasonal brews to marvelous martinis you wont be disappointed.  From the Mile High Manhattan Martini and Rocky Mountain Iced Tea to our Colorado wine list and strictly Colorado tap selection, you are sure to enjoy local products in the most amazing way.

Check out the Bar Menu below!