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Beer Pairing Dinners


You pick the brewery and chad will give you the feast of your dreams

If you haven't been to our monthly beer dinner, than you're missing out on the most amazing thing to happen to craft beer in Greeley.  Chef Chad prepares a 5-course meal to pair perfectly with your 5 favorite beers.  It begins with a soup or salad as you've never had before, followed up with a light amuse bouche and then on to 2 courses of the most amazing entrees that you have ever had.  Followed up with a delectable desert. Each course includes 4oz of each beer.  Personal Beer Dinners are $50/person up to 6 people, $45 6-15 people, $40 16-25 people.  Unfortunately we cannot provide adequate service for groups over 25 for an event of this type.

Wine Pairing Dinners

dinner yummy.jpg


I'm not going to repeat myself, but unless you have attended our pairing dinners, you have no idea what you're missing.  Taking the 5-course meal as described above, and pair it with your favorite wine.  Let use know a region, style or grape and we will create the most incredible culinary experience of your lifetime...   unless you do it again!

3, 4 or 5-Course Meals

chef CHad's ideal job

Take everything from above and make it your own.  Want whiskey, martini's or anything you dream up we can pair it with the most phenomenal meal you have ever had.   Let us know your deepest culinary desires and we will bring them to life. Let us know what you want and we will ensure your culinary fantasy comes true.