May the Fourth - A Geeks Who Drink Star Wars Quiz

May the Fourth be with you! Geeks Who Drink Star Wars Quiz Trivia The Tavern at St. Michael's Square Greeley Colorado 2017

May the Fourth be with you!

It's that special day of the year. The one day you can put on that Wookie costume and people won’t look at you like your insane, well at least at The Tavern we won’t! Come show Greeley how high your midichlorian count is! Themed drink specials, prizes from the galaxy far, far away and Rob in a Jedi robe channeling Ewan McGregor's Obi Wan will bring out your inner Rebel. The battle begins at 8pm, May the Fourth be with you!

Preregistration is highly encouraged, and is done through Geeks Who Drink (I will update the website when Geeks Who Drink opens preregistration). This is registering for the event only. If you are interested in making reservations at The Tavern, which are also recommended,they can be made in person at The Tavern, online (below) or by calling 330-BEER. Trivia will start at 8pm, please arrive at least a half an hour early to ensure you and your team have plenty of time to check in and get situated before the game begins.